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Peoples' Liberation Music

PLM was formed in 1973 by a group of musicians who wanted to use their talents to support the struggles of the working class and people. It came directly out of developments within the Scratch Orchestra in the early 70s and performed at rallies, socials, universities, etc. did tours of Wales, England, Ireland, concerts in Europe, was active in anti-fascist struggles, the working class and trade union movement, playing on workers demonstrations and becoming very well known in these circles. It took up the question of Ireland, organising concerts and other activities. Broadsheets, posters, song books, recordings etc. were all produced. PLM has been described as a folk rock art music band that performed political songs and other pieces from many genre whilst also defining its own forms.

The CD - We Only Want the Earth - is some of that work, warts and all, material from Unity Theatre anti-fascist music theatre events put on with Recreation Ground Theatre Company. Three of the tracks come from Cardew memorial concerts in the mid 80s.

Consciously is a tribute to the collective Cornelius Cardew was part of and these are their songs, partisan, polemical and profoundly beautiful. It includes rare, unreleased recordings of some of his compositions and many performances, together with those of people with whom he worked closely.

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