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South of the River
CD cover
South of the River suite
Cat Preludes
performed by
Sarah Walker and Robert Coleridge piano, Francesca Hanley flute
Hugh Shrapnel piano
The music of Hugh Shrapnel MNCD+02

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The three works on the CD are from the 1990s. Suite for Piano Duet South of the River evokes different emotions reflecting places in the area where Hugh lives. The six pieces that make up the suite produce some sensuous soundscapes as well as high energy pieces.

"This is a CD to be cherished. Hugh Shrapnel's music is remarkable for its lyricism and lightness of touch. Whatever the object of his concern, benevolence prevails. The playing is lovely throughout, and there is much of rare (and dare one say, feline) delicacy." Howard Skempton
South of the River

is a CD Extra
(enhanced CD)
which includes
  • a video walk down East Street market with the composer
  • an exclusive article from Norman Shrapnel on this historic part of London
  • information on the performers Sarah Walker, Robert Coleridge (piano) and Francesca Hanley (flute)
  • historical background on this part of London
  • the text is supplemented with graphics and photographs including albums from the Scratch Orchestra days, PTO and PLM
  • there is an insight into Hugh Shrapnel and his music from Robert Coleridge
  • If you want to try your hand at the music, the scores can be printed out from the CD in an edition for personal use.
South of the River

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