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Cornelius Cardew Piano Music Japanese japanese link
 Cornelius Cardew Piano Music CD cover
performed by
the composer, Cornelius Cardew as well as Andrew Ball, John Tilbury and Andrew Bottrill.
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"...if the word 'romantic' should be rescued from the whimsical sentimentalists, it is so that we could then apply it, properly, to Cornelius Cardew: a real fountain of breathtakingly adventurous music. Immense skill and moral discipline, yes, but at the heart of the matter is simply the actual beauty of these hauntingly evocative soundscapes." Robert Wyatt
"...recaptures some of the extraordinary effect of his live performances." Mark Pappenheim - Independent
Scratch Orchestra This release by B&L Records in 1991, was both a commemorative tribute and a record of some of the later piano compositions
CD011 cover
Cornelius Cardew Piano Music

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