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Orpheus is a new CD Extra in production with musicnow and a collaborative venture with Boosey and Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd.

Words and Music by Marc Forde, performed by children from Balagan Theatre Company with Johnny Morris as the narrator. The CD is being produced for schools and youth theatre companies and will have extensive CD-ROM material including scores, teachers notes and so on.

The planned release is Autumn 2002. If you are interested in the project and would like to receive a copy of the CD Extra for evaluation by your school, please email Boosey and Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd for details.


Material which will be on CD

  • CD Performance by Balagan and Johnny Morris
  • Teachers Notes (sample page)
  • The Story
  • The Lyrics
  • A Piano Reduced Score
  • Instrumental Parts + Full Score
  • Narration Script
  • Organising a Performance
  • Information on the composer, Marc Forde
  • Information on the performers
  • A special feature are lyrics which display syncronised with backing tracks.

This site will develop as the project nears completion



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